Karmic Astrology

Discover Your Souls Path of Reincarnation and Reveal the Why of Your Natal Chart.
Available now for preorder and on 5 November 2024 wherever books are sold.

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Karmic Astrology

Natal chart placements aren’t random collections from a cosmic lottery. They are the direct result of beliefs formed in other lives and our soul’s intention for growth and healing in this life.

Lisa's book, Karmic Astrology, is available for preorder at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other stores where books are sold. Check out the preorder club to be invited to free zoom sessions with Lisa. Available in stores on 5 November 2024.

Lisa Wagner

About Lisa

Lisa Wagner is a professional astrologer with over 30 years of experience. She also has a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and an MBA. Along with being an astrologer, Lisa had a 32-year career working for the US Air Force, leading cutting-edge technology teams, and managing software development to support research.

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Lisa is most active on Instagram. Check out her account for lots of free astrology content. Pinned posts explain why Lisa uses equal house and a tropical zodiac. Many posts are grouped by topic in the profile highlights.

Zone calculator

With equal house, the ascendant is the first house cusp and the same degrees and minutes are used for all houses. Each house can be divided into 13 zones. Lisa made a guide and tool to help you get started with zones.

Moon Speed, Signature, Oriental

This course is available on Udemy. You can check out a few lessons for free and they often run sales.

Karmic Astrology Fundamentals

This course is available on Udemy. You can check out a few lessons for free and they often run sales.

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I love reading your questions for me. They help me to know what interests you. Due to the volume, I do not provide responses to questions about your natal chart.