Frequently Asked Questions

What is Karmic Astrology and how can it help me?

Karmic Astrology is a spiritual approach to Astrology, a tool that can help you to understand and accept yourself. In Karmic Astrology, the natal chart (cast for your date, time and location of birth) is seen as a painting created by the beliefs you developed in a collection of past lives. The soul chooses the moment of birth, such that this birth chart is reflective of these beliefs. In this way, the astrological placements of planets do not make you a certain way. You chose to be born when and where you did, because these placements depict your beliefs.

Understanding these beliefs, as well as how they impact your current life, is similar to understanding how childhood experiences impact you as an adult. As an adult, you learn to release and embrace issues from the past as you obtain a greater understanding of them. Such is the case with your karmic past. This acceptance and release is part of the life lessons for all of us, and can help us to move forward in this life.

How can I order a reading?

Contact Lisa via email at or message via Instagram or FaceBook.

How do I know if a reading is accurate?

You will know if the information is accurate when you hear it. If the information does not strike a chord inside of you, then it is either inaccurate or not something that is particularly useful to you at this time. Sometimes things do not ring true for us until we are ready to hear them. Clients often re-listen to readings days, weeks, months or even years later and find that they derive additional meaning out of the recording, because they hear things in the reading that they did not hear the first time they listened to it.

What if I do not believe in Astrology or reincarnation?

The focus of the reading is to help you better understand yourself now, in THIS life. Individual life times are not discussed in detail, though the patterns that you have brought into this life are discussed. If the information is useful in helping you to improve the quality of your life, then it would seem that the source of the information becomes less important. Truth is identified for what it is regardless of its perceived source.

How important is my sun sign?

The sun sign describes the style of expression your ego has chosen in this life time. While knowing and understanding your sun sign is useful, this information is just one thread in a very complicated fabric that is your soul's history. The sign, degree, house placement and aspects of each piece in the chart are individually significant, however, the deeper meanings are found by looking at the sum of these parts, the integrated whole.

Will a reading reveal my past lives?

It can, depending on the astrologer doing the reading. Lisa does not go into detailed descriptions of past lives. The focus is kept on this life. Past lives are discussed as a context for the beliefs you hold in this life.

What about shared past lives with other people?

People generally connect with many people that they have known before. Sometimes this is through significant relationships like family, friends, and partners. Sometimes it can be a brief encounter with someone that you talk with waiting in line. Usually feelings of familiarity (positive or negative) are felt, but not always. Not every past life connection has unresolved issues or agreements, and past life connections don't necessarily indicate meaningful or significant relationships. They aren't needed to have a valuable connection in this life. Sometimes a fresh start can is a good thing. While past live connections can influence your connection to someone in this life, it's generally more helpful to focus on the experiences you have with the person in this life rather than getting stuck focusing on what might have happened in another time and place.

Can Astrology predict my future?

Lisa's readings are not predictive.

What information is needed for a natal chart?

The time, date, and location of birth.

Why do I need to know my birth time and location?

In order to cast a complete natal chart, the time and location are required. The date alone is not sufficient for casting an accurate natal chart. The location and time are necessary to ensure that the chart is an accurate snap shot of the sky, relative to your place of birth, the minute you were born.

How can I find out what time I was born?

Check your birth certificate. You can also check your hospital certificate if you were born in a hospital. These are generally the most accurate sources of this information. Rarely does a relative's memory of a birth time match an official record, and since even a few minutes can make a difference, it is to your advantage to have an accurate time. Hospitals will usually provide this information to you, though they some may require written consent first.

What can Astrology tell me about a relationship?

Astrology can help you to understand the nature of a relationship, its strengths and weaknesses, and how the relationship affects you and your life's lessons and purpose.

What is a natal chart?

The natal chart is cast using your time, date and location of birth. It shows everything you bring into this life time, including your belief systems and values. It shows the kind of family you were born into, your primary lesson in this life, and what you have agreed to do in this life.

Can I learn to read a chart?

Yes. Learning Astrology is like learning a foreign language. When studying a language you first learn basic vocabulary and grammar and build fluency through continued study and practice. Eventually you learn to appreciate poetry in the language, to think in the language so as to speak without translating, and gain a deeper appreciation for the culture that created the language. This is also the case with Astrology. Anyone can learn the basics, though some people may have a greater affinity for Astrology, and may be more able to access their intuition via Astrology. Most large booksellers have expanded their new age sections and carry quite a few good Astrology primers. There are also many useful resources on the web.

Why does an Astrologer's identification of where a planet is in the zodiac differ from that of an Astronomer?

Western Astrologers using a tropical zodiac do so using a reference point that is so far away, the stars appear fixed. Though our sky cycles through the zodiac approximately every 26,000 years, most western Astrologers are using a reference point that does not change. The precession of the equinoxes refers to the movement of the vernal equinox through this cycle. To convert the placement of the planets using this tropical zodiac to their placement as identified by most Astronomers, each placement is adjusted by the amount the vernal equinox has advanced. Vedic (Hindu) Astrology uses this adjustment.