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Welcome to Karmic Astrology by Lisa Wagner. My specialty is helping people better understand themselves through their karmic history.

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Lisa Wagner, Astrologer

Lisa's specialty is helping people better understand themselves, their lessons and purpose through their karmic history.

Lisa's book, Karmic Astrology, is now available for preorder at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, any other stores where books are sold.

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It was like Lisa knew me without knowing me. She knew things about me that my own husband doesn’t even know! And Noooo...not bad stuff, I mean inner soul stuff that you keep to yourself. Mostly because I never knew how to put it all! However, for the first time ever she managed to speak my inner voice outloud...mindblow. To validate my untold struggles...what I need to work on in this lifetime...where my strengths and weaknesses are...so. Much. More. If you’re looking for a thorough, intimate, professional reading I certainly recommend Lisa Wagner. ~Kim

Lisa has conducted a natal and several yearly readings for me. The information reported was helpful and, amazingly, extremely accurate. That’s why I continued to request yearly readings. She is easy to understand and answers questions willfully. Highly recommend. ~Judy

Each year, a Karmic Astrology reading is the gift that I give myself for my birthday! While I have always enjoyed readings done by mediums and psychics, Lisa's astrological readings effect me on a much deeper level; they help me to see the themes of my life by sharpening my focus on the underlying messages of my experiences. -Pamela

Lisa's reading gave me the clarity I had been seeking. She's remarkable. -Richard

I was blown away. Things I had never really thought about made sense for me. I left the reading feeling more empowered than I had in a very long time about where my life was headed. -Dana

Lisa's readings have helped me to understand so much about myself. I never knew there was so much to Astrology. -Maggie

Lisa is sensitive and gentle with the truth. -Darla

You hit the nail on the head more than I thought you would. -Joe

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