Schedule a reading with Lisa. Your natal chart reveals values and beliefs you bring into this life. Exploring these can help you resolve issues, create joy, and improve your life.

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Visit my Learn page for information on my online classes and basic astrology terms and definitions. I have a blog and I go live on Instagram and FaceBook.

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The FAQ is a collection of most commonly asked questions about astrology and Lisa's readings.

About Lisa

I use astrology as a tool for growth and self-acceptance. I’ve read thousands of charts and my intention is always to help clients improve their lives. My specialty is helping people better understand their karmic history.


Guided Meditations

Lisa's guided mediations epicmeditations.com can help you relax and experience the benefits of meditation in just a few minutes. Available on iTunes and Amazon.

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My free iOS app is Mindspring. It includes guided meditations, music and nature sounds.

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Astrology Notebooks

These notebooks are a great way to keep track of charts and journal about astrology. Sold on amazon. More info on HeartZenMinds

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Astrology T-Shirts

Lisa's T-Shirts sold on amazon.

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