Join Stargazers

Stargazers is currently closed to new registration. We will open up again next year. Come join us in 2022. Visit to view the Stargazers site that is open to everyone.

Stargazers is a paid community. The cost is $29 per month. You can cancel at any time, there's no minimum commitment. You get the benefit of an annual membership at a monthly cost and your cost will never go up so long as you stay a member.

    Membership Includes:
  • - Live Classes
  • - Live Chart Chats
  • - Recorded Content
  • - Fully Searchable Library
  • - Discussion Forum

Live Classes

Replays of the monthly audio only zoom calls are available in the library. I provide a handout before class, and also attach the handout to the replay along with a transcript and a link to discussion in our forum. We do audio only to get the clearest recording (video makes it very jumpy, stuttery, laggy) and our members like no cameras. You can type questions and comments in the chat, and there's also the opportunity to unmute if you'd rather talk than type.

Live Chart Chats

There are no replays of chart chats. What happens in zoom, stays in zoom. These are discussions that are either added on to the monthly live class or happen separately. They give our community the opportunity to get more personal and know that there is no recording available of the discussion.

Recorded Content

Lessons from my courses on Udemy, content from social media and my podcast, as well as content I prepare and offer exclusively to Stargazers is available in the library.

Fully Searchable Library

This is where it gets juicy! The library is completely searchable and the media hits that are returned from the search are each queued up to the spot that relates to the search. In addition to having all of my content available to you in one place, you can easily search it. No worries about having to rush to consume and remember everything in the library.

Discussion Forum

We are a COMMUNITY so of course there is a way to connect. The discussion forum has announcements, a calendar, details on the live classes and all of that communicat ion. It's also a way for you to ask questions and connect with other Stargazers. You control whether or not you want any notifications and can use the forum as little or as much as you want.


Have a question about joining? You can send email to or send a text to 844-382-8016. Click here to do an email signup to be notified when registration is open, or text waitlist to 844-382-8016.

In the meantime ...

You can checkout the Karmic Astrology Podcast available on iTunes and Spotify and find me on Instagram.